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Looking for a career in manufacturing with opportunities to advance? Join a team dedicated to Solving Great Challenges and learn new technical skills at Raven.

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Quality People Make Quality Products

Raven’s history of success is the direct result of our extremely talented and hard-working team members. Each day, they are dedicated, driven, and flexible, consistently delivering products that solve great challenges for our customers. Our manufacturing team members build our products from the ground up, focusing on quality every step of the way.

Here's a brief snapshot of what you would enjoy in your everyday work as a manufacturing team member at Raven:

Consistent Schedule

Long-Term Stability


Looking to Grow?

You've come to the right place! At Raven, we believe each team member should have the opportunity to perform at their full potential. When we do, it allows us to better serve our customers, our communities, our fellow team members, and ourselves. As an employer, we believe it is our responsibility to help our team members find opportunities for continuous improvement and ongoing success.

Technical Skill Development

Personal Growth Opportunities

Your Big Impact on the Big Picture

Our manufacturing team members take great pride in producing these products — truly putting the "We" in our purpose, "We Solve Great Challenges." Raven Industries makes unique products that impact our world, and our strength in quality production is the foundation of this. Just think — your driven, authentic, and consistent commitment could help produce thousands of products that help feed the world, protect our natural resources, or connect and save lives!


Ready to help us solve hands-on operational challenges? Work in our modern facilities with state-of-the-art equipment, advance your manufacturing expertise, and excel for advancement.