Sustainability is a call to leadership. For Raven, it represents great potential and a mandate that goes well beyond environmental stewardship. It’s about our approach to long-term growth.

After much research, planning, and implementation, Raven has embarked upon a journey that integrates sustainability with our operations and values in some very specific ways. The effort is a natural extension of an approach to doing business that has made our customers, partners, and communities successful for over six decades — and will help drive success for the next six decades and beyond.

Responsibility Meets Opportunity

Sustainability fits seamlessly into our culture and operations. Since 1956, we have served our customers and grown not because we were interested in short-term gain, but because we have always sought to build for the long term and to do the right thing. The guiding principles we developed to these ends were a natural prelude to our embrace of sustainability.

It’s our strategy to aggressively compete on quality, value, innovation, and peak performance. And we strive for continuous improvement while making corporate responsibility a top priority. Sustainability encompasses all these values simultaneously.

Raven's Approach to Sustainability

Our approach to sustainability is demonstrated through continual improvement of our operations, products, and the actions of our team members — advancing stewardship of the environment, our communities, and the growth of tomorrow.

It starts with these areas of concentration and the initiatives we’ve launched in each:

Sustainability is a Calling

As with our development as business leaders, community leaders, and individual leaders, this is not an exercise that will ever conclude. After all, improvement and growth is the nature of leadership. We are not perfect, but we are deeply committed to continuous improvement in our impact on the environment.

At Raven, sustainability integrates our efforts with our customers, communities, and team members in a new and vital way. And the reverse is true, too: sustainability is something our partners can embrace with us.

If sustainability is a call to leadership, we invite you to join us and answer it.