Raven is committed to being an active and responsible corporate citizen by providing strategic investments to organizations who align with our business model and purpose.

Our Vision

At Raven Industries, we foresee the need to continue providing the world with technology that helps people grow more food, produce more energy, protect the environment and live more safely. These are great challenges of today and of our near future which we will help solve.

Our Giving

Raven Industries has a rich history of supporting our communities through charitable contributions. Our objective is to provide financial support to charitable organizations that align with our purpose to solve great challenges by improving the world, and with our vision, values and business model. We are a good corporate citizen, whether supporting local causes or reaching out to places in need. We strive to do the right things in terms of health and safety, and we support our communities with time, money, and leadership. Raven is known as a socially responsible corporation.


The Raven Charitable Contributions Committee meets monthly to review and discuss corporate contribution requests. To make a request, fill out the form below. If submitted by the first day of the month, your request will be considered during that month's meeting. If submitted after the first day of the month, your request will be considered the following month. All donation requests must be submitted via this form.