Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Raven is dedicated to providing innovative, high-value products and solutions that solve challenges throughout the world. More than half of our job positions at Raven are STEM-related, including manufacturing technicians, sales engineers, drafters, polymer chemists, computer and information specialists, financial experts, and an assortment of engineers, to name a few. The number of STEM-related jobs is steadily increasing in all industries, which is why STEM education is so important to our growing world.

Making an Impact

At Raven, we are proactively investing in STEM education because we believe the need is great, and we believe we have excellent opportunities for students who are interested in STEM employment fields. Our vision and commitment to solve challenges requires having team members who design, produce, and support innovative technology. However, Raven’s commitment to STEM goes beyond job opportunities. We support STEM education in our communities and schools by participating in STEM-related events, charitable giving, and hosting job shadow opportunities. We are especially committed to encouraging young girls and women to enter the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math because they are so underrepresented in these areas.

As we continue to be competitive and solve the next great challenges, it will be critical to continue to equalize the gender gap. Gender diversity not only makes us more inclusive, it makes us more creative and innovative by expanding our viewpoints.

— Emily Wegner, Plant Manager

Explore Our Resources

Engineering Career Day

Engineering Career Day is an interactive educational program that is centered around the fields of Engineering for high school students at all levels. Students participate in a one-day session designed to gain exposure to business leaders, hear from Raven team members, and explore real-life applications of the various disciplines of Engineering.

Career Day

Women in STEM

At Raven, we support women in all areas of our organization and empower them to make great contributions to our business. Likewise, we are also committed to helping aspiring women develop their skills and gain confidence in STEM. Meet a few of the strong leaders and innovative thinkers who are making great impacts at Raven in their STEM roles across the company.

Women in STEM

STEM Internships

Raven is committed to providing a quality internship program that gives students a chance to apply their skills, develop their talent, and contribute to meaningful projects. Across our company, Raven interns (who we call #RavInterns) do real work that impacts our business — including STEM areas like engineering, IT, operations, and finance.