Application & Boom Controls

Precisely control your chemical applications

Spray it Right Every Time

Spraying your field is a complex operation. It takes great precision to spray it just right — with the correct application rate, boom height, product mix, and applicators. If you do it right, you efficiently save wasted inputs and chemicals, improving your profitability. Do it wrong, and you’re potentially ruining crops or machinery.

We have all the tools you need to get your application right. With over 40 years of market leadership in spray and application controls, Raven’s innovative products are designed to improve your operation with unprecedented precision. From individual nozzle controls to automatic boom height stabilizers and everything in between, Raven has everything you need to optimize your spraying.

Hawkeye® 2

​Hawkeye® 2 Nozzle Control takes sprayer efficiency to a new level with ultimate flow control, accuracy, and field durability.

AutoBoom® XRT

Industry-leading radar sensor technology uses simultaneous ground and canopy detection to maintain optimal spray height for maximum product efficacy.

Boom Recirculation™

The Raven Boom Recirculation™ System helps achieve uniform and correct product application.


Hawkeye® Nozzle Control is a pressure-based product control system that allows for precise sprayer application in a variety of conditions, reducing spray drift and getting the most out of every nozzle.

Sidekick Pro™ Direct Injection

The Sidekick Pro direct injection system sets a new standard for chemical applications of every type, with unprecedented precision, savings, and safety.


AccuFlow is the most trusted anhydrous ammonia (NH3) application system on the market — and it earned that trust delivering superior accuracy, simple operation, and unrivaled reliability.

SCS Control Consoles

For more than 40 years, Raven controllers have set the standard for outstanding performance, everyday reliability, and operation in liquid and dry applications.

Flow Meters & Valves

Designed for simplicity and manufactured with Raven’s high-quality standards, our industry-leading flow meters and valves are proven and reliable.

Switch Pro

Switch Pro control console is designed to help growers move up to a new level of precision. Get automatic on-off section control for savings and productivity.