Hawkeye® 2

The most precise nozzle control system in the industry

The Next Generation of Variable Rate Application

Hawkeye® 2 Nozzle Control takes sprayer efficiency to a new level with ultimate flow control, accuracy, and field durability. The system features individual on/off nozzle control valves that operate with extreme accuracy and can self-adjust to turn, contours, and headlands to avoid over- and under-spray. You’ll use fewer chemicals, cover crops with exact amounts, travel at faster speeds, and make fewer tip changes — all while improving coverage quality and minimizing input costs.

The industry’s most precise nozzle control system ensures 250% more accurate droplet coverage out of the tip than comparable systems. With individual nozzle control of up to 192 sections, consistent application across the boom, and variable rate application, Hawkeye® 2 helps you increase yields while optimizing input costs. Take complete command of your application with the next generation of variable rate spray control systems — powered by Raven.

Key Features

  • Sprays within +/- 5% of target rate at all times.
  • 250% more accurate than competitors.
  • Reduced drift/increased application quality.
  • Even spraying during acceleration and turn compensation.
  • Supports up to 192 individually controlled nozzles.
  • Operating pressure from 10 – 120 psi.
  • Premium upgrade to individual nozzle control eliminates skips and overlaps.
  • Advanced blockage detection (go/no-go).
  • Unparalleled durability.
  • IP69K rated, making it easy to clean via power washing.

After running Hawkeye 2 for a season, I’m 100% convinced it was the right way to go. We mapped and sprayed across every waterway — the individual nozzle control worked great. Our usage of chemical was down as well as productivity increased a lot.

— Lance Bell, Operator, Weldon, IA

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