Sidekick Pro™ Direct Injection

Chemical applications without the costly leftovers

The Sidekick Pro™ direct injection system executes chemical applications with unprecedented precision, savings, and safety. First, no tank mixing is required — Sidekick Pro automatically adds the correct amount of product directly into the stream of your sprayer booms. This prevents cross-contamination and reduces waste from unused product. Also, with the automatic calibration feature, you’re ready to go in minutes. When you’re finished, Sidekick Pro’s Rinse Assist automatically flushes the pump quickly and thoroughly so you don’t have to.

The simple system pays off with greater precision, higher yields, and unrivaled efficiency, helping you save time and money on herbicide, insecticide, drift agent, and nitrogen stabilizer applications.

Key Features

  • Up to 5 direct injection units on one machine, allowing easy switching between fields and applications with Hawkeye Nozzle Control.
  • Rinse Assist for Direct Injection automatically cleans chemical tank with the push of a button.
  • No pre-mixing, tank mixing, cross contamination or clean out reduces waste from unused product.
  • Powerful positive displacement pump which injects on the pressure side, closer to the boom, for faster response time.
  • Eliminates waste for more environmentally friendly practices.
  • Flexibility with multiple chemical applications.
  • Reduced chemical exposure means additional safety for the operator.
  • Gives you the ability to adjust chemical concentration on the fly rather than spraying more or less of the entire mix.
  • Gives you greater flexibility with multiple chemicals in applications to tackle weed resistance and other challenges.
  • Two pump options; High volume pump with capacity of 5-200 ounces (0.15-6.0 L) per minute or low volume pump with a capacity of 1-40 ounces (0.03-1.2 L) per minute.
  • High resolution encoder that provides smoother pump control and exceptional lock on target rate technology.
  • Remote closed-system calibration, eliminating the need for calibration catch tests and exposure to chemicals.
  • Automatic priming feature and real-time diagnostics.
  • Compatibility with additives that reduce maintenance on your application system.
  • ISO, ICD and Raven CAN compatible pumps.

Syngenta Force® Evo Injection Cabinet

Force® Evo is high performing liquid soil applied insecticide for control of corn root worm and other soil-dwelling insects in corn. The insecticide is injected into a carrier stream (water or starter fertilizer) into the furrow at planting and builds a zone of protection around the seed. Raven’s Force Evo Injection Cabinet is a clean, closed system providing a vertical orientation of Evo product for a complete and uniform application of product. The application system conveniently includes the electric pump with the insecticide cabinet.

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