Raven Autonomy™ Driver Assist Harvest Solution​

Automate the Grain Cart to Harvest in Perfect Sync

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The Raven Autonomy™ Driver Assist Harvest Solution gives any grain cart driver — of any skill level — the tools to operate with confidence. Instead of dreading the stress of perfectly coordinating the tractor with the speed and position of the combine while also keeping an eye on field conditions, operators can have peace of mind with the push of a couple buttons as the Driver Assist Harvest Solution takes care of it. When engaged, the technology automatically matches the tractor’s speed and positioning with the combine, ensuring the machines are working in perfect harmony without complex communication between operators.

The Raven Autonomy™ Driver Assist Harvest Solution utilizes RTK level guidance corrections, bringing combine and cart together with sub-inch precision. Using the Raven Autonomy™ tech stack, the Driver Assist Harvest Solution makes autonomy more accessible for operators at all experience levels.

Key Features

  • Decreases grain spillage from miscommunication or imperfect unload coordination when manually unloading.
  • Reduces likelihood of tractor and combine header collision.
  • Reduces combine/grain cart operator stress. ​​
  • Gives skilled operators confidence to multi-task.
  • Shortens training time for new drivers, allowing them to operate like a pro in no time.
  • Provides both guidance and propulsion sync to a specific calibrated point during unloading events. ​​
  • Optimizes guidance accuracy with sub-inch RTK corrections.
  • Syncs grain cart with combine at distances up to 70 m (229 feet)
“I’m not the best technology guru in the world by a long shot, but once I watched how to operate Driver Assist Harvest, it was actually very operator friendly.” — Bob Biadasz, Farmer; Amherst, WI

How it Works

  • The Driver Assist Harvest Solution coordinates the path and speed of the tractor during an "unload on the go" operation.
  • Once the tractor and harvester are in proximity (less than 70m / 229 feet), the tractor operator engages automatic steering and propulsion.
  • This synchronizes the heading and speed of the tractor with the heading and speed of the combine, putting full control of the unload process in the hands of the combine operator.​​
  • Using the multifunction controller, the combine operator can nudge the grain cart forward or backward to fill the bin appropriately — no need to speed up or slow down to change sync position.
  • Once the cart is full, the tractor operator can steer to disengage the sync and drive to the appropriate unload point.

About Raven Autonomy™ Driver Assist Technology

Our suite of Driver Assist Technology goes beyond precision, giving the operator the full scope of autonomy capabilities with the push of a button. These holistic solutions ensure that all settings are automatically accounted for, including propulsion, guidance, and functional controls. This allows anyone to operate like a pro while maintaining discretionary control.

The Driver Assist Harvest Solution is the first of many Raven Autonomy™ Driver Assist solutions that will help make autonomy more accessible and available to farmers worldwide. Driver Assist technology empowers farmers to grow their operations rapidly by reducing the time needed to train new workers and ultimately making it easier to cover more acres in a day with less operator fatigue.

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