Raven Autonomy™ Driverless Tillage Solution

Cutting-edge Autonomous Technology with Groundbreaking Agronomic Results

Driving Sustainable Seedbed Success

The Raven Autonomy™ Driverless Tillage Solution combines an autonomous tractor platform with Case IH tillage automation. It dives deep into every aspect of your field’s conditions, enhancing your seedbed’s agronomic results. In addition to driving the tractor autonomously, the tillage prescription capability delivers site-specific tillage and ultimate machine control to optimize soil quality. It allows you to plan and execute precise, automated missions with consistent agronomic results.

This cutting-edge platform yields groundbreaking results. More efficient operations, richer data insights, and increased job quality all lead to a more sustainable future in the field.

The Driverless Tillage Solution development is proof that we are expanding our autonomous capabilities into all areas of the cash crop cycle, helping farmers capitalize on additional efficiencies and cost savings in all seasons.

— Eric Shuman, General Manager, Raven Industries

Autonomy Gives You Options

The best-in-class Driverless Tillage Solution can be run both with or without an operator in the cab. Its versatility presents opportunities to either manage operations remotely or take care of other job duties while sitting in the cab.

Autonomy also allows operators to run a multi-machine tillage operation with one operator using Slingshot® Job Sync. This feature helps you get tasks done more efficiently by sharing positioning and coverage data instantly between machines, ensuring all ground is covered with no overlaps.

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