The next evolution of our autonomous power platform

OMNiPOWER™ 3200 is the next evolution of our autonomous power platform. It features mechanistic, functional, and aesthetic upgrades. The new Tier 5 engine has increased horsepower and the machine’s hydraulics system has been optimized, adding 50% more power to the ground to improve operating speeds. The 3200 model features improvements to serviceability, making it easier for customers to work on the machine in the field.

OMNiPOWER™ 3200 lets the farmer remotely operate the unit from a tablet or in autonomous mode. No driver necessary.

The Powered-Up Platform

  • Reinvented mechanical improvements, including new engine and hydraulics.
  • Increased engine horsepower.
  • More power to the ground.
  • Increased serviceability, making autonomy more accessible.
  • Increased up-time.
  • Improved operation speeds.
  • Updated look and style.

Key Features

  • Remote command, supervision, and monitoring in the field or another cab.
  • Completes spreading and spraying tasks autonomously.
  • Multi-directional moving, multi-purpose machine that delivers effortless implement changeover.
  • Short- and long-range sensors detect obstacles for safe operation.
  • Can be run in autonomous mode in fields or by handheld remote control in yards or equipment sheds.

Interchangeable Implements

OMNiPOWER™ and OMNiPOWER™ 3200 complete their autonomous missions through interchangeable implements.


New Leader Nl5000 G5 Crop Nutrient Applicator Spreader

  • Capacity of 10 mt (287 cu ft)
  • 16-section swath width control, last pass control, and independent spinner control


Pattison Liquid Systems Connect Plus 120 Sprayer

  • 1,600 U.S. gallon stainless steel tank
  • 120-foot aluminum booms with individual nozzle control

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