Field Hub 2.1

Connecting your cab to the full web experience from anywhere

The Field Hub 2.1 modem brings reliable and fast 4G LTE to your cab no matter where you are in the field. The reliable in-cab modem links your operator, managers, and Slingshot® support to each other on one centralized network in real-time. Effortlessly enjoy full web-based capabilities on your Raven field computer and other mobile devices with reliable high-speed connectivity.

Key Features

  • 4G LTE modem connects to most mobile networks worldwide.
  • Also supports 3G or lower networks (where available).
  • Ethernet port allows for full Internet connectivity to Raven field computers, as well as other compatible devices.
  • WiFi hotspot provides robust wireless access to laptops and other mobile devices in the cab.
  • Connects to most modern GNSS positioning systems directly via serial port for cellular RTK streaming. Integrated GPS for easily tracking location of equipment on Slingshot Fleet Tracking portals.

How Field Hub Optimizes Your Web Experience

Compatible with Viper® 4+, CR7™, and CR12™

  • Download wireless over-the-air Raven Operating Software (ROS) updates on your field computer — no USB drive needed.
  • Harness the precision and power of Slingshot® RTK corrections, giving you repeatable sub-inch accuracy.
  • Compatible with most GNSS systems available today — Raven and non-Raven systems.
  • Gain access to over 250 base stations and 250 CORS/VRS networks worldwide.
  • Monitor each equipped machine’s status, including signal strength and path history, using Slingshot’s Machine View functionality. This allows you to consistently know where your fleet is and delegate work accordingly.


Slingshot® is a suite of services that syncs the farm operations from the field to the office. Slingshot increases accuracy and visibility across all your machines, fields, and jobs. This connectivity provides a large range of real-time dispatch, information sharing, monitoring, and reporting analytics to increase accuracy and efficiency — right from your computer, tablet, or cell phone.

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