GNSS Receivers

Providing satellite accuracy for precision application

Reliable, Repeatable Signal

Raven’s high-performance GNSS receivers provide highly accurate, reliable positioning for your precision technology. Add a truly repeatable signal to your precision agriculture applications.


The 700S is a fully scalable GNSS smart antenna that comes standard with GLONASS and Autonomous dual-frequency GL1DE™ technology and can be upgraded to GS Pro or RTK sub-inch accuracy to enhance your precision technology suite.

Key Features

  • High performance dual-frequency receiver.
  • Sub-meter pass-to-pass accuracy.
  • Full scalability for enhanced accuracy.
  • Autonomous dual-frequency GL1DE, SBAS, GS, GS Pro, GS-Lite, and RTK.
  • Simple and fast setup.
  • Seamless integration.
  • Magnetic mount.
  • RTK-L and RTK Pro capable.

Upgrading to Satellite GS Pro or RTK corrections will enhance the performance of your steering system, variable rate applications, planter and seeder controls, AccuBoom™ section control, and Hawkeye® nozzle control. Unlock full functionalities by upgrading to GS, GS Pro, GS-Lite or RTK corrections.


The 500S features a simple setup and quick convergence time, tracking GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou for improved strength in any environment. Fixed or magnetic mounting options make it ideal for portable and dynamic applications.

Key Features

  • Quick convergence time.
  • Sub-meter pass-to-pass accuracy.
  • Ability to shut down a device in a static position for any extended period.
  • Quick response positioning enables the customer to get to work faster with confidence.
  • Seamless integration.
  • Supports GS-Lite and GS.
  • Compact, low-profile design.
  • Fixed or magnetic mounting options.
  • Durable enclosure.

Receiver Comparison

SatellitesGPS L1, L2, L2C, L5, Glonass L1, L2, Galileo E1, E5A, E5B, Beidou B1, B2, L-Band, SBASGPS L1CA/L1P/L1C/L2P/L2C/L5, GLONASS G1/G2/G3/P1/P2, BeiDou B1i/B2i/B3i/B10C/B2A/B2B/ACEBOC
Galileo E1BC/E5a/E5b/E6BC/ALTBOC, QZSS L1CA/L2C/L5/L1C/LEX/IRNS L5, Atlas
GNSS Correction Upgrades AvailableSatellite GS Pro, RTK, RTK-L, RTK ProSatellite GS and GS-Lite
Field Computer CompatibilityViper 4®+, CR7™, CR12™CR7™
InstallationMagnetic mountFixed and magnetic mounting options

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