The industry’s only 3-in-1 guidance system

All-in-One and One for All

RS1 is a high-powered guidance and connectivity system that combines these three functionalities into one intuitive, easy-to-use unit:

  • Autosteer: Steers the machine so the operator can focus on the operation.
  • GNSS and RTK: Helps guide the machine’s travel path.
  • Slingshot® Connectivity: Utilizes compatibility with Viper 4+ for remote job support and analysis of operational efficiencies. Provides unrivaled high-speed wireless connectivity, vehicle tracking, uninterrupted data transfer, and industry leading RTK corrections.

Highly accurate at speeds up to 29 mph (46.7 km/h), RS1 can be moved wherever you need it — from tractor to sprayer to spreader. It provides multiple methods of system connectivity, including cellular, Wi-Fi, or ethernet, and gives you the power to focus on other responsibilities in the cab.

Key Features

  • The industry’s most accurate steering system, with RTK sub-inch accuracy.
  • Geared for a wide range of terrain with enhanced steering performance and 3D rugged-terrain compensation.
  • Steering auto-adjusts to keep crops safe.
  • Allows faster coverage with better accuracy.
  • Easy to transfer from machine to machine.
  • Pre-set profiles automatically transfer between machines.
  • No reprogramming when switching out the unit.
  • Remote performance monitoring and support through Slingshot®.
  • Compatible with both ISO Steer Ready and Raven Aftermarket Steering Controllers.
  • Wide temperature range for inertial sensors (-40°F/C to +150°F/70°C).

Slingshot® Ready

Slingshot® is a suite of services that syncs the farm operations from the field to the office. Slingshot increases accuracy and visibility across all your machines, fields, and jobs. This connectivity provides a large range of real-time dispatch, information sharing, monitoring, and reporting analytics to increase accuracy and efficiency — right from your computer, tablet, or cell phone.

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