Cutting-edge, hands-free machine steering

SC1™ is designed to provide cutting-edge, hands-free machine steering when paired with a Raven field computer and GPS solution of your choice. Improve efficiency and cover more acres in a day with their quick line acquisition and incredible accuracy up to 29 mph (46.7 km/h).

The units are designed with a simple set up and integrated help guides and are easy to install in the cab, out of sight. Compatible with all Raven field computers, SC1 utilizes GPS/GNSS to provide the most accurate guidance with easy-to-use functionality and user interfaces

Key Features

  • Single product node footprint with temperature compensated inertials.
  • Installs in cab with direct interface for ISO valve.
  • Enhanced steering performance with incredible accuracy up to 29 mph (46.7 km/h).
  • Machine-specific tune sets.
  • Utilizes external GPS/GNSS with Raven 700S™, 500S™ or third-party GPS.
  • Compatible with Viper® 4+, CR12™, and CR7™
  • Ability to upgrade to Slingshot with additional hardware or GPS/GNSS solution.
  • Compatible with ISOBUS 11783 Curvature Messages for both ISO Steer-Ready and Raven aftermarket steering controllers.
  • Ability to configure third-party radio on field computer; tested and supported solutions include 450/900 MHz AG715 radios. Additional radio configurations may be compatible but require additional validation.

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