VSN® Visual Guidance

Less damage, more acres, less stress

A Damage-Free Operation

VSN® is a non-contact camera-based unit that transforms machine guidance through emerged to full canopy crops. It feeds highly precise, instantaneous crop row information to the auto steering component, RS1™, allowing the machine to adapt to row variances in real-time so crops stay unharmed. VSN allows operators drive damage-free at speeds up to 20 mph, covering more acres in a day and maximizing yield and ROI.

VSN also has non-contact radar sensors to guide the machine in full canopy crop. This proactive technology precisely steers the machine at speeds 20+ mph by tracking the crop edges with radar sensors and navigating based on its detection. This first-to-market, non-contact, multi-sensor approach maintains sub-inch accuracy through varying crop conditions.

Using VSN positively impacts the health of your sprayer operators and reduces their stress and fatigue, which often lead to poor steering performance, mistakes, and accidents. Operators using VSN experience a 48% reduction in the number of stressful events per minute compared to manual steering.

VSN® automatically takes care of steering, reducing operator fatigue and giving them the energy to cover more ground with less worry.

Key Features

  • Enhanced steering control and simple operation results in minimal crop damage and more acres covered in each available day.
  • Allows the operator to cover 20% more acres due to increased speed, more efficient field planning, and ease of use.
  • Reduces driver fatigue, allowing operators to increase the average length of their workday.
  • Drastically reduces crop damage and misapplication in the field, saving up to 2% of yields and operational profit.
  • Uses state-of-the-art image sensor and processing technologies to deliver quick response rate and better control.
  • Tracks machine paths accurately to the actual planting, not just hypothetically calculated rows.
  • Quick, one-time calibration with up to five saved profiles for easy crop transitions.
  • Pair with Viper® 4+ or CR12™ for display and RS1™ or SC1™ for guidance.

Compare VSN

Raven VSNCompetitor A
Crop TypesCorn, Soybeans, Cotton, Sorghum, SunflowerCorn, Soybeans, Cotton
Height Range4 inches (10 cm) to 90% canopy6 inches (15 cm) to 100% canopy (requires mechanical feelers)
Row Spacing15 – 40 inches (38 cm – 1 m)22 – 40 inches (56 cm – 1 m)
Number of Lenses/SolutionsStereo VisionMonocular Camera (1 lens)
Wind SpeedCross 15 mph (24 km/h)No data
Vehicle Speed20+ mph (32 km/h)18 mph (29 km/h)
Row TypeContour, StraightStraight
Fallback Modes
Live video on Monitor
Full-Canopy Non-Contact Solution
Stress Reduction48% less stressful events vs. manual steering1No data
% More Acres Covered per Day20% moreNo data

1 According to a study conducted for the ASABE Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health, entitled “Vision and Radar Steering Reduces Agricultural Sprayer Operator Stress without Compromising Steering Performance.”

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